PHPS, the PHP to JavaScript transcompiler written in Rust

  • Strong
  • Static
  • Script
  • Speed
  • Super
  • Steroid

The PHPS Manifesto

Apparently, PHP is going down, if it's stuck with web and web only. And I blame the PHP team. PHP had its glories, but the PHP team just dwells on the past.

Instead of waiting for the incompetent PHP team, which has lost ambition and vision, the PHP community needs to take actions. PHPS is one of the recent endeavors, since we have such a faith that PHP could be many other things, not just web or WordPress which, by the way, is cancer.

Now, PHPS just focuses on one tiny niche market, i.e., to enable PHP to become a full stack language. You can build a web/microservice server with PHP for the backend in the good old fashion way, and you can also build your web pages and/or web apps with PHP for the front end in the new way, since PHPS transiples your PHP code to JavaScript and enable you to become a full stack developer without the burden of learning other languages.

The S of PHPS could mean Strong, Static, Script, Speed, Super and Steroid.

  • Strong and Static mean that it's mandated to use both Strong typing and Static typing. The purpose is obvious. We hope mandatory strong typing and static typing will eliminate errors at the compile time, instead of the run time.
  • Script is also obvious in that PHPS will compile your PHP code to JavaScript which will run in browsers, and hopefully sometimes later in the server, too. We hope PHPS will enable PHPers to become full stack developers.
  • Speed, Super and Steroid just mean that we hope PHPS will make PHP great again and that we hope PHPS will open new doors for PHPers other than web or WordPress.